How to Sign Up for the Tuesday Open Mic

at Greenwich Avenue Treehouse
hosted by Sue Funke

How sign up works:

  • A weekly reminder email is sent out every Wednesday asking comedians to send in their names for a spot.

  • Names are placed into list generator on

  • Cast list sent out the weeked prior to mic

-15 people are on the list

- 5 alternates are also listed that are notified as soon as possible if someone backs out.

  • If you miss emailing in:
    There is 1 walk-in spot available that goes to the first person to grab it.

How the Open Mic Flows:

This comedy open mic starts every Tuesday at 6:30pm on the dot, and goes until 8pm(ish on a busy night)

Sign in occurs at 6:15pm at which time comics that are on the list tell Sue Funke their names and pay $5 for 5 minutes of stage time.

Comics go up in random order.
-If a comic does have an obligation and has to leave early OR is going to be late let Funke know via emailing

The mic is free to watch.
You can find us every week at the back of the bar, 6:30pm Tuesday nights.

Reviews of the Open Mic

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